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Case Studies
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  Case Studies

Board Development A mid-sized organization was struggling with an under-performing board. Here's how we helped address these crucial issues.
Marketing and Outreach A technical skill training and employment program was under-utilized and grant funding depended on reaching a minimum number of people served. Our outreach strategy helped this organization increase program usage by 200% over six months.
Marketing and Outreach An organizations primary revenue source was threatened by two competitors. A strategic branding initiative created by advance4 LLC ensured that this organization retained its client base and attracted new customers.
Resource Development Two community-based health centers wanted to collaborate to increase operational efficiency, but had no resources to fund such an initiative. Our partnership with them resulted in funding of $ 55,000 to begin this effort.
Association Management A state-wide organization lacked funding to hire staff and yet needed organizational structure. Find out how we are helping this organization by providing interim leadership and administrative support.
Strategic Planning Having started their strategic planning process, a large organization found themselves stalled midway through. Leveraging the work that had been done to date, we designed a customized strategy that brought them successfully through the planning process.
Human Resource Services Inconsistencies in human resource policies and job descriptions, and overall lack of clarity in information were causing complications for an organization. By creating a consistent hiring and review system, updating policies, and standardizing information and procedures we helped this agency improve overall staff morale and performance.
Organizational Development A national organization struggled with a number of issues - especially inadequate communication between offices and chapters. advance4 LLC's limited organizational assessment helped this organization to map areas of need and develop remedies to address communication problems, increasing organizational membership and contributions received.