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The newest development techniques and strategies are much more collaborative and broad-based.  Outcomes continue to play a driving role, but there are inherent dangers to an excessive focus on them.

Accessing grant resources.  Federal, State, Local, Private and Corporate funding sources.  Tracking available opportunities and accessing these resources requires the capacity to identify and effectively pursue these funds.  See some of our grant successes here.

When do outcomes become a barrier to program development? Understanding the factors that prevent an unbalanced program, where, for example, funder requirements obscure or even undermine the needs of clients, customers and neighborhoods.

The role of fund-raising contractors. They contain both costs and internal political issues, but do they also dampen innovation?

Capital development strategies. The potential pitfalls of conducting capital campaigns in perilous economic times. How do depressed stock values and out-of-work Board members affect campaign strategies?

The competition. How do established and entrenched organizations present a threat to start-ups? The politics of hanging up your shingle in the midst of much larger shingles.

Types of financial support. Public and private financial support and differing skill-sets among development professionals. Service contracts, donations and program sustainability. The practical role of in-kind support. Public dollars and capital needs:  vetting, lobbying, and the use of earmarks.

advance4, LLC will help your organization become well-versed in navigating the complex world of funders.