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Strategy is essential. It enables your organization to adapt, to re-position - - either for re-entrenchment in the tough economy, or for expansion to meet additional needs and embrace new opportunities. Strategy maximizes your efforts and resources, allowing your organization to focus limited supplies of time, talent, and funding where needed most.

Retrenchment. If the question is survival, is downsizing the answer, or does that create further risks?

Strategic alignments, collaborations, mergers: what are the benefits and the risks? Sharing client and financial data with partners. Who owns the real estate? Bequests and restricted funds:  how are they impacted? Governance among unequal partners:  is this a partnership or a conquest?  Comprehensive strategy planning.  Communication across the transition.

Building community partnerships. No organization can work in a vacuum and expect to be successful. Community partnerships and collaborations are essential to serving our community effectively. We can help you with the role of your Board, partnership goals and mission, partnership resources, and determining the best structure for your partnership.

Funding your plan. Once you have your strategy in place, how will you fund it?

advance4, LLC can help you define, develop, and implement strong strategy to help you maximize your resources and efforts.